How to deal with Global Claims in Construction

What are global claims and how are they being perceived by courts. How to defend a global claim and what the protocol says about this issue. What are the best ...options available to a contractor.
In a global claim a contractor cannot or will not adduce evidence to prove a causal link between its losses and the actions of the employer complained about. In making a global claim the contractor does not identify each and every event complained of or attribute a loss to each event.

The main objection to global claims is that Global claims offend the generally accepted legal position on what a contractor must prove in order to succeed with a claim, namely the causal link between the sums claimed and each individual event.

In its second edition of February 2017, the Society of Construction Law Delay and Disruption Protocol discourages the making of composite or global claims by contractors, despite the apparent trend for the courts to take a more lenient approach when considering global claims.
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