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Contracts Administration

The ultimate goal of contracting parties is to ensure compliance with and fulfilling of the contractual obligations relative to the contract they have entered into. A proper contract administration not only helps achieving this goal but also helps minimizing disputes.


It is very important that parties to a contract have a proper understanding of their respective duties and obligations, the time anticipated to fulfill such duties and the risks associated with any delay or non-compliance. Late or non-compliance with contractual obligations may place a contracting party in a breach which may lead to the incurrence of unnecessary additional expenses, late completion and eventually, imposition of liquidated damages by client or prolongation cost by the contractor.

Our objective is to improve awareness of the rights and obligations of the contracting parties under the terms and conditions of their respective contract, to shed the light on actions that could be taken to mitigate contractual risks and the means to be adopted to avoid disputes.

Our team members have an in-depth experience in the field of contract management which would help as a first line of defense in the administration of contractual risks and claim/dispute avoidance. On the other hand, when claims are unavoidable, our team members have considerable in-depth experience in dealing with claims including critically evaluating the cause and effect, liability and potential impact of all types of claims.

We will share our knowledge with our industry-colleagues to assist those who require supports during their contracts administration and claims management & negotiation process.